ADVANCE PRAISE for And How Are the Children? by Marjorie Margolies


“Marjorie’s reflections describe her unique ability to improve the lives of others—a skill not limited to only those she has raised. She has unequivocally made a difference in the lives of thousands of women around the world.”
Valerie Biden Owens

“People in America want leaders willing to vote for principles over politics. That’s exactly what they got with Marjorie—someone who knowingly put her political career in jeopardy to do not what was easy but what was right.”
Joe Kennedy II, former Congressman (D) Massachusetts

“Marjorie Margolies raised eleven children…when you finish reading And How Are the Children? you may wish she had raised you.”
Christopher Shays, former Congressman (R) Connecticut

“Who would think world peace depended on And How Are the Children? Well, when you hear what Marjorie Margolies has done during and after raising eleven children you will agree.”
Richard N. Swett, FAIA, former Congressman (D) New Hampshire

“Marjorie captures the fun, chaos and joy of eleven children in one family! She reminds me of my experience as the eldest of eleven. This may not be for everyone but it sure is a blast!”
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, former Lt. Governor of Maryland

“‘A visionary,’ ‘fearless,’ ‘a trailblazer’ are just some of the words I would use to describe Marjorie’s tireless and revolutionary work in the advocation, promotion, and empowerment of millions of women across the world.”
Callista Jennie Mutharika (Chimombo), former First Lady of the Republic of Malawi